Happy Dollars and Guests

We were happy to see David Butler and to hear from some happy members, including Pat Dale whose son has a new job in Washington, D.C. as a scheduler for a Texas congressman, and Kirsten Nelson who had fun in Costa Rica but is still nursing a sun-burned nose!


Program:  Ted Ulrich:  A Year as a Visiting Professor in India

Ted Ulrich is a religion professor at St. Thomas University, but has traveled regularly to India for the past fourteen years.  His most recent trip, 2017-2018, was a ten-month Fulbright Fellowship at Gandhigram Rural Institute, where he was affiliated with the Departments of Political Science and Gandhian Thought.  During his fellowship, Ted taught and did research on violence and nonviolence in India’s independence movement, and is currently working on a book about freedom fighters Sri Aurobindo, who advocated for active resistance, and Mahatma Gandhi, who advocated passive resistance and whose ideas “carried the day.” 
Ted was enthusiastic about his work with students, and observed that he earned greater acceptance because of his lengthy stay, in contrast to other western visitors who come and go, earning the label “white ghosts.” 

Ted also shared photos from Christmas and New Year's Eve, which were spent with a family that he has gotten close to in India.  Ted observed, “Indian families are very close and warm."