The club assembly focused on planning for the Rotary / Optimists table at Richfield Penn Fest, including a survey of priorities for future Richfield Rotary service projects.  The hope was that parents would take time to complete the survey while their children obtained glitter tattoos.  Additional feedback may also solicited by posting the survey on the Richfield Community Page and the Richfield Rotary Facebook and web pages.  Survey feedback will inform club decisions regarding priorities and activities in the coming year, which will set the stage for a planned club membership drive. 
Other discussion items included:
  • Kirsten encouraged members to attend the Edina Morningside Rotary meeting on Tuesday, September 18, which will take the place of our September 20 meeting.
  • Jean Fox and Chip Groth may represent Richfield Rotary at the One Rotary Summit on Saturday, September 22.  Chip encouraged our newer members to attend as well.
  • Chip is working with the new DECA advisor at Richfield High School to identify a student who will attend Rotary Camp Enterprise.
  • Jay Clark has agreed to audit the Richfield Rotary Foundation and club operating accounts.
  • David Butler will investigate Local Roots as a possible future meeting location, including availability of the meeting room on Thursday mornings, menu options and costs.  David will report back at our next club assembly.
  • The next club assembly will include consideration of the Dictionary project.