Thursday, April 2, 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM via Zoom

Welcome, Thought for the Week, Introduction of Guests and Announcements

Induction of New Members - Linay McCrady and Cassandra Nickell

Linay (right) is Marketing Coordinator for Havenwood of Richfield, and Cassandra  (far right) is the Associate Director of Outreach Marketing at Village Shores.  Both are eager to become involved in Richfield Rotary as a way of serving the Richfield Community.  Please welcome them!

Program:  District Governor Russ Michaletz – “Rotary 101”

Known as “Retention Russ,” Russ Michaletz has focused his year as District Governor on retaining membership by ensuring its value.  In his presentation, Russ will share some “Rotary basics” that will help each of us maximize the value of our membership in Rotary.

Some Zoom Basics 

Rotary member and technology expert Brandt Krueger will host the meeting.  Brandt provided the following information about connecting to and participating in a Zoom meeting:
  • If you've never used Zoom before and want to try to connect beforehand, let me know ( and we can try and set up a time to get you online before next Thursday
  • If you have headphones with an in-line microphone, please wear them, but even regular headphones help mitigate echo and background noise
  • When you connect, your mic will be muted. We ask that you only unmute while speaking, and to stay muted otherwise.
  • Figuring out our "new normal" may take a bit, so let's try and be patient while we try to figure out how to do things like "happy dollars", pledge of allegiance, 4-way test, etc. Some things just don't work online!

To Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 957 681 665
Password: rotary2020