Three applicants are scheduled for induction at our November 7 meeting, following two or more prior announcements to the club. 
Karen Crane is the Manager of the Richfield Branch of RBCU.  Karen grew up in Richfield, graduating from Richfield High School.  Karen was a stand-out fast pitch softball player at RHS, and now coaches girls fast pitch softball.  Karen is interested in Richfield Rotary membership as a way of building on her connections to the Richfield community. 
Ella Lingat (left) is a financial advisor with AXA Advisors, LLC.   She is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota in the area of applied economics and will easily be the youngest member of our club!   As a financial advisor, Ella helps her clients understand their current financial situation and determine their goals and priorities.  Hopefully, she will share her expertise in planning and priority setting with Richfield Rotary as well!
Marta Shahsavand serves as the Principal of Richfield Dual Language School.  Marta would like to share a membership with Latanya Daniels, Principal of Richfield High School.  Latanya is already a member and will remain the “official” member.  However, with a shared membership, Latanya and Marta will share participation in club meetings and activities. 

Richfield Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez and City Council Member Simon Trautmann have previously been announced and will be inducted as shared members at a future meeting.