Several Richfield Rotarians were among the attendees at the annual Area 3 Veterans Day Luncheon.  Representatives of Cub Scout Troop 384 presented the colors.  Pictured with the scout members were (L-R) Richfield Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez, Chip Groth, Barb Devlin, John DeBettignies, John Devlin, and Lynne Alexander.  Missing from the photo was Katie Rodriguez. 
A brass quintet played a salute to veterans from each branch of the armed services.  An empty table memorialized those who gave their lives for our country.
In his keynote address, Congressman Dean Phillips shared that 75 members of Congress are Veterans, and that bills related to Veterans health, suicide prevention, and homelessness have received “near unanimous support.”  Congressman Phillips has formed a Veterans Advisory Council because “Representation begins with listening.”  Congressman Phillips conveyed a debt of gratitude to all veterans, stating, “America will remain the Land of the Free as long as we remain The Home of the Brave.”