Happy Dollars and Announcements

  • The club extends our best wishes to Tommy Thompson as he undergoes surgery.
  • Chip Groth was recognized for two years of service as Pesident, receiving a plaque, past president’s pin, and a Paul Harris Fellowship.  Stay tuned for details regarding a Past President’s party!
  • John Devlin noted that this month’s Rotarian includes an article about Asst. DG Krysta Peterson’s club (South Metro Evening).  He also encouraged club members to volunteer with the VEAP Student Hunger Project.
  • David Melcher exercised his creativity during the meeting, and smiled at the thought of going to Argentina for two weeks, where he will participate in the Ushuaia X country skiing race.  Go David!
  • David Butler (far right) acknowledged that "growing old isn't easy," and noted that he might have to consider retiring - sometime!



Program:  Jean Fox - "A Whack on the Head:  How to be More Creative"

Jean Fox led a lively session on creativity, giving us strategies to strengthen and draw on both our right and left brains so we can see things differently and “think out of the box.”  Jean observed, “You can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve always done and expect things to turn out differently.”