This meeting included several items of club business, and a “Meet the Rotarian” program featuring “veteran” Richfield Rotary members, Lynne Alexander and Chip Groth, pictured at left.
    Club Business
    • The club officially voted to approve John DeBettignies as President, Jared Shepherd as President-Elect, Chris Walsh as Club Treasurer, and Chip Groth as Foundation Treasurer for 2020-2021.  John DeBettignies hopes to present a candidate for Secretary at our August 6 meeting. 
    • Karen Johnson agreed to take over as editor of the e-Spokester in September and will work with Barb Devlin to make the transition.  Thank you, Karen!
    • As part of his goals for 2020-2021, President John hopes to expose club members to the variety of professional development opportunities that are available as members of Rotary, both at the club and District levels.  John would also like the club to be involved in community projects scheduled for October 12 (currently recognized as Columbus Day).  He will present further details at our August 6 meeting.
    Program:  Meet the Rotarians
    In lieu of a regular program, two veteran Richfield Rotarians, Lynne Alexander and Chip Groth, shared their professional backgrounds and how they got involved in Richfield Rotary. 
    Lynne Alexander joined Richfield Rotary in 1990, at the invitation of Rev. Tom Walker, who was a member at that time.  Lynne served in various roles at the club and district levels, including club president in 1996-97.  Professionally, Lynne worked for Daytons for 27 years, and later in customer relations for another company.  She retired in 2007, but returned to full time employment in her family business, the Bureau of Engraving and Art Instruction Schools, which taught students from 1914 until the school’s closure in 2018.  The company has since closed, and Lynne is in the process of dispensing of the assets.
    Chip Groth grew up in a Rotary family, with his father a long-time member of the Bloomington Rotary Club.  Chip joined Richfield Rotary in 2015, served as President from 2016-2018, and currently serves as the Foundation Treasurer.  A resident of Bloomington, Chip has served as membership executive for the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and was District President of the Bloomington PTA for 17 years.  He is partner in a business that provides marketing support and operational resources for a wide range of clients in business, education and non-profit sectors.  Click here to learn more about Chip on Linked In.  The photo at left shows Chip volunteering at a MIRA (Latino Resource Center) event.