A posting about our Little Free Library project in the Richfield Community Page has generated 50 responses to date, including 
expressions of interest in receiving a LFL and offers to help with construction and /or contribute financially.
A proposal is being finalized for submission to District 5950 for funding to assist with the project.  The posting reads as follows:
The Richfield Rotary club is developing a Little Free Library (LFL) project that will offer a limited number of LFL's available for installation late spring early summer of 2019. The club is looking for feedback from the community as to interest in the project. The LFL's will be available for a small nominal fee (as yet to be determined) so that individuals/owners will be invested in the project. A "LFL assembly day" will be scheduled and interested community members can assist with the final assembly of the LFL's (basically screwing them together and painting, all the parts will be pre-cut to size). Richfield Rotary believes the project will promote literacy and add to the overall welcoming appearance of the city/neighborhood. Comments and or expressed interest can be made below or by messaging the club through our Facebook page at Rotary Club of Richfield Minnesota.


At left is the "deluxe" model of the Little Free Library, which will be raffled off to help provide additional funds for the project. Thanks to Jay Clark for contributing his time and talent!