New member Linay McCrady invites Rotary members, friends of Rotary, and their families to create some "thinking of you" cards for residents of Havenwood of Richfield, possibly including some children's artwork if you have access to any!

There are currently 58 people in the main residence and 30 people in memory care.  Rather than trying to write a lot of individual messages, Linay suggests over-sized cards with large print and / or some 8" x 11" sized drawings or paintings to display in group gathering areas.  Linay notes, "These are just a few small things that will help keep up our moral in our building." 
Messages and artwork can be dropped off or mailed to Linay McCrady, c/o Havenwood of Richfield, 245 76th Street, Richfield MN 55423, or e-mailed to her at  The residents of Havenwood thank you!