Dr. Donald S. Cameron Scholarship
Medical Science and Research
This scholarship is awarded to a senior student who has maintained at least a B average, (or it's equivalent as designated by the school) during their four years of high school.  The student must have exhibited to their community, the nation or on an international level, service over and above that required for graduation.  It recognizes students who will maintain high ethical standards and who intend to pursue a career in medical science, research or related health fields.
Dr. Cameron, a long time resident of Richfield and a member of the Richfield Rotary for 47 years, was a leader both in his community and in the field of dentistry.  In an effort to provide a service to the community and advance the cause of medical science, this scholarship is being offered in his name.  This scholarship of $1000.00 will be sent to the school the recipient attends as a credit towards tuition.
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