Cameron Scholarships

Each spring, Richfield Rotary awards scholarships to 1-2 graduating seniors from both the Academy of Holy Angels and Richfield High School who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of medicine.  The Cameron Scholarships are named after the late Don Cameron, who was a charter member of Richfield Rotary and practiced dentistry.  The scholarships are paid out of an endowment fund established by the Cameron family following Don’s death. 


Help Select the 2020 Scholarship Recipients!

Chip Groth is coordinating preparations for distribution of the scholarships, scheduled for our June 4 meeting.  However, he is seeking help from 3-4 Rotarians to review the scholarship applicants and select 2 scholarship recipients for both AHA and RHS.  Past review committee members have always commented on how inspired they are by the applicants’ accomplishments and aspirations, sometimes in the face of personal and family challenges.   Let Chip know if you are willing to serve on the scholarship selection committee, and prepare to be inspired!   Thank you!


Last November, Richfield Rotary Club submitted a Local Community Grant proposal to Rotary District 5950 which would extend our Dictionary project to include the purchase of (1) Spanish-English visual dictionaries for sharing across classrooms, ELL resource rooms and libraries, and (2) a variety of books in English and Spanish and / or with Latino main characters, for placement in each elementary school library. 

Six Volunteers Needed to Complete the Project

After months on back order, the Spanish-English visual dictionary we selected has been reprinted, and should be received within the next few weeks.  Once the dictionaries have been received, Spanish and English donation labels will need to be inserted, and the dictionaries and books delivered to area elementary schools. 
One requirement of receiving a District 5950 Local Community Project Grant is that local club members must contribute “sweat equity” to the project.  While a handful of Richfield Rotarians have been involved to date, President Barb Devlin would like six additional Richfield Rotary members to volunteer.  Each volunteer would insert donation labels and deliver the dictionaries and books to one of the following six schools:  Blessed Trinity Elementary School, Partnership Academy, Centennial Elementary School, Richfield Dual Language School, Richfield STEM School, and Sheridan Hills Elementary School.  Please let Barb Devlin know if you’re willing to help and if you have a school preference.  Thank you!
Thanks to Richfield Rotarians who have provided project assistance to date, including Brandt Krueger for video-recording the project presentation; Lynne Alexander for printing Spanish and English donation labels; Karen Crane and John DeBettignies for providing space at RBCU for storing, labeling, and sorting the books for distribution to schools; Marta Shahsavand for assisting with dictionary and book selection and presentations; and Superintendent Steven Unowsky for providing in-district staff assistance with grant preparation and ordering. 

Wanted:  Encouraging Cards and Artwork for Confined Elders

Soon to be new member Linay McCrady invites Rotary members, friends of Rotary, and their families to create some "thinking of you" cards for residents of Havenwood of Richfield, possibly including some children's artwork if you have access to any!

There are currently 58 people in the main residence and 30 people in memory care.  Rather than trying to write a lot of individual messages, Linay suggests over-sized cards with large print and / or some 8" x 11" sized drawings or paintings to display in group gathering areas.  Linay notes, "These are just a few small things that will help keep up our moral in our building." 
Messages and artwork can be dropped off or mailed to Linay McCrady, c/o Havenwood of Richfield, 245 76th Street, Richfield MN 55423, or e-mailed to her at  The residents of Havenwood thank you!


The Bread of Hope initiative provides unsold bread from Lakewinds Cooperative to Hope Presbyterian Church for the Loaves and Fishes evening meal.  The Rotary, Optimists and Lions Clubs along with Headway Family Services each deliver bread one day per week, with Rotary delivering on Thursday mornings.  However, due to the pandemic, Bread of Hope has been suspended until further notice.   Deliveries will resume when Hope Presbyterian Church lifts its suspension on programs, events and activities within its building.   At that time, we’ll resume our Thursday delivery schedule and solicit volunteers.


Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, Rotarians from several area clubs have gathered each Thursday evening to pack food bags at VEAP for local school children who go without food over the weekends.   However, due to the pandemic, all remaining volunteer dates have been cancelled.  Thanks to Jay Clark, Pat Dale, Barb and John Devlin, Jean Fox, and Chip Groth for their volunteer assistance over the past school year.